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Osteopathy for children

Child friendly clinic
The Orchard is very child friendly with a dedicated children’s clinic every Thursday.

Childhood is a time of enormous change. Children’s bodies have to adapt to constant growth and development brings unique challenges, bumps and bruises and infections whilst trying to cope with earlier strains that may even have been left over from birth. The longer a problem is left, the more complex the body’s adaptation becomes and consequently, the more difficult it is to return the body to a state of wellbeing. Several of the conditions we develop in adulthood can be traced back to birth trauma that has been left uncorrected.

Osteopathy can help to rebalance their body so it is free to function and grow normally. Osteopaths don’t treat the symptoms, but aim to get the body working as well as it can by addressing any mechanical, structural or ??? issues that may be inhibiting it.

“I am trained as a paediatric osteopath and specialise in cranial techniques to gently manipulate the small bones and tissues and encourage the body to grow healthily. Over the years, I have treated children with all kinds of health problems, from ? And ?, to common minor ailments, such as recurring ear infections and tonsillitis.  Having two small children of my own I am used to the bumps and scrapes of playing and growing and I find that children respond extremely well to treatment. Just making them a little more comfortable in their bodies can make the world of difference”.

Nathan Reynolds BSc(Hons)Ost

We treat children with a wide range of conditions, from ear infections and sinusitis through to cerebal palsy, behavioural problems, learning difficulties and special needs.

As young people grow, the body undergoes a number of changes. By analyzing their growth patterns, we can help their structure adjust to the postural and hormonal demands made on it, ensuring that young people become fit and healthy adults.

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